10 Ways to Increase the Number of Offers on Your Santa Rosa Beach Home

10 Ways to Increase the Number of Offers on Your Santa Rosa Beach Home

  • Rachel Hutchings
  • 09/4/22

Are you ready to sell your Santa Rosa Beach home and take advantage of the current seller's market? The pandemic changed the real estate market trends, and homes are selling faster than the pre-pandemic normal. Therefore, now is the best time to attract multiple offers on your beach home and possibly incite a bidding war.

If you want to increase the offers on your beach home and sell it for top dollar, work with an experienced Santa Rosa Beach real estate agent to help you list and market it to ideal buyers. Most homeowners wish to sell their property quickly, so it doesn't sit on the market for long.

However, even a seller's market does not guarantee your beach home will attract multiple offers. Therefore, when you are getting ready to list your Santa Rosa Beach real estate property, there are several steps you can take to prepare it and increase its appeal.

In-demand homes for sale in Santa Rosa Beach receive more offers and sell faster because of how the owners prepare them for sale and list them. Here are some ways to increase the number of offers you receive on your home.

1. Hire the Right Santa Rosa Beach Realtor

First, hire the right local real estate agent to set your multiple offers and bidding war strategy in motion. An experienced realtor will guide you through the current housing market and the home-selling process.

Seasoned local realtors know the ins and outs of the Santa Rosa Beach real estate market and have the connections to attract multiple offers and serious buyers. Thus, the right realtor will help stir the excitement in your beach home to generate buyers' interest and possibly trigger an intricate bidding war process.

Additionally, it's essential to listen to your realtor and trust them. Please don't take offense to their recommendations because they speak from experience in the local market. Finally, your realtor will negotiate your offers to ensure you earn a higher profit.

2. Understand the Local Housing Market

It's impossible to control the type of real estate market in your region, but due diligence can help you better understand the existing market conditions.

A realtor brings a wealth of knowledge and insights about the market and your neighborhood to guide your marketing and pricing strategies. They also do several other things to help you get multiple offers on your home and sell it accordingly. These include:

  • Suggesting the right price for your beach home
  • Generating exposure for the property to reach many buyers
  • Strategically scheduling showings to create competition and a sense of urgency
  • Helping you stage the property to attract buyer interest
As a result, you can keep your finger on the pulse of your local market and respond to changes in pricing, competition, and trends that might affect your pricing strategy.

3. Price Your Santa Rosa Beach Home Properly

Setting the right price for your Santa Rosa Beach home is the spark you need to attract interest, generate multiple offers, and possibly ignite a bidding war. However, the wrong price could set back your listing even in a seller's market.

Setting a low price risks undervaluing your house, while a high price may dissuade buyers from making an offer. Therefore, drive demand from the get-go by setting the right price to increase buyer interest and reduce the time the home sits on the market.

A top Santa Rosa Beach realtor will suggest an aggressive listing price strategy to generate interest in your property and schedule many showings once you list the home on the market.

The right pricing strategy captures the attention of buyers who become excited at the idea of scoring a great deal on a beautiful property. Therefore, you should see multiple offers after listing. Your realtor will help you price your beach home accordingly after considering several things, including the price of other comparable homes in the neighborhood.

4. Stage the Property

A well-staged home makes the difference in enticing buyers to click on your listing photos and schedule a walkthrough. Staging attracts buyers' attention and gives them ideas on personalizing the property and turning it into a home. If your home attracts multiple buyers' interest, you will get many offers.

Consider hiring a home concierge service or professional stager to place your property on buyers' must-have list. Staging can make a huge difference even if you maintain your home well. A professional stager knows what appeals to many people from experience. They will also incorporate trending designs in your local market to remind buyers of the Pinterest-worthy inspirational images they seek.

5. Increase the Curb Appeal

Homes that appeal to buyers receive multiple offers. Buyers often consider the exterior appearance first before entering the house to view the inside. Therefore, homes with beautiful interiors sometimes lose buyer appeal if they lack curb appeal.

A few budget-friendly projects on the home's exterior can easily improve its appearance in the eyes of a buyer. These include:

  • Trimming trees and shrubs
  • Repainting your front door
  • Mowing your lawn before showing days
  • Updating your home address numbers and mailbox
However, you can hire a professional to tackle bigger curb appeal projects like roof cleaning, windows replacements, or siding upgrades. The goal is to attract buyer interest and convey that you maintain your beach home's interior and exterior.

6. Schedule a Pre-Listing Inspection

A pre-listing inspection gives you an edge over other sellers in your area because it attracts serious buyers. When submitting their offer, most buyers will request a home inspection as a contingency. Therefore, beat them to the punch and get their attention by showing your property has a pre-inspection report.

Additionally, you can use the report to leverage your negotiating power because you are upfront about your home's condition, which avoids back-and-forth negotiations about who pays for what repairs.

An inspection also allows you to make needed repairs, and if the buyer decides to waive the inspection requirement, it saves both parties time. It's always best to limit the factors that discourage buyers from closing.

7. Update Features and Make Needed Repairs

Updating your home's features increases its resale value and will attract multiple buyers when you list it for sale. While big renovation and improvement projects such as bathroom makeovers or kitchen remodels can make a huge difference, small changes can also help.

Some home improvement tips to consider include:

  • Upgrade the interior design or completely redo the décor. It's best to hire an interior designer to bring fresh, trending ideas that appeal to buyers. Home improvement ideas include a fresh paint coat, new countertops and backsplashes, or new appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, or stoves.
  • Installing or changing your central air conditioning because of the hot and humid coastal climate
  • Replacing carpets
  • Refinishing floors
At the very least, ensure you make all the needed home repairs, like replacing outdated fixtures and fixing the plumbing.

8. Take Professional Listing Photos

Showcase your home listing in the best way possible using professional photos to attract multiple offers. Home listing photos are powerful marketing tools, so using professional, high-quality images helps sells homes quicker.

Professional real estate photographers highlight the best features of listed homes and capture the rooms at the best angles to help distinguish the property from others on the market. Additionally, you can add drone photography to showcase aerial photos of your home and its curb appeal. Aerial views give buyers unique perspectives with a 360-degree view in each shot. They can also check out the neighborhood in the background.

9. Include an Interactive Virtual Walkthrough

Today's buyers appreciate an interactive virtual 3D walkthrough of listed properties because they can explore every nook and cranny of the home remotely. Besides, most buyers of vacation beach properties start their search online before settling on one or two properties and scheduling a viewing.

Offering convenient 3D walkthroughs expands your buyer pool, increasing the number of in-person viewings and offers on your home. Ensure you highlight your home's best features by preparing for the 3D walkthrough, similarly to an in-person open house. Additionally, hire a professional to make a high-quality video.

10. Strategically Schedule Showings

Another reason why the right local realtor is essential is that they can help you strategically schedule showings. If you have done everything right up to this point, you will receive several showing requests immediately after listing your property on the market.

Strategically schedule the showings close together (back-to-back) or simultaneously to attract multiple offers. The aim is to have competing potential buyers see each other during or between the walkthroughs to create a sense of urgency and competitiveness and generate offers. Of course, for this to work, potential buyers need to fall in love with the home.

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