Blue Mountain Beach & Gulf Place

Life here is as bright as the sunshine that graces the days and the stars that populate evenings

Blue Mountain Beach & Gulf Place Real Estate

Lively bustling beach communities nestled against blue waters and white sands
Neatly-lined palm trees, colorful buildings, and the sound of laughter are telling ways to know when you’ve entered the lively communities of Blue Mountain Beach and Gulf Place. Life here is as bright as the sunshine that graces the days and the stars that populate evenings. As their names hint, these communities are nestled right on the water’s edge. Pastel-colored, multi-level luxury beach homes can be found just a stone’s throw from sugary white sand beaches. These modern builds are fashioned in a sprawling mansion style, often featuring thatched roofs and winding paved driveways. What sets Blue Mountain Beach and Gulf Place apart from other closely neighboring areas is the elevation. Being elevated higher than the sea-level communities nearby, you can find sand dunes, houses on hills, and, naturally, amazing 360 views of your surroundings. 
Colorful town center buildings and access to water and year-round warm weather make these communities preferred options for vacationers and families looking to combine high views with a lively, small-town beach lifestyle. Like most of the towns along the 30A, they’re small but mighty, and easy to navigate by foot, board, or bike. Many families commute to larger areas during certain times of the year, letting the area be their vacation or summertime property. Others enjoy the crystalline blue waters year-round. Seasonal or permanent, residents adore Blue Mountain Beach and Gulf Place’s easygoing and close-knit beach community vibes. 

What to Love

  • Colorful and classic beach town architecture
  • Picturesque dunes
  • Elevated views of natural surroundings
  • Fun and friendly locals

Local Lifestyle

Blue Mountain Beach and Gulf Place allow residents to choose the speed and opulence at which they enjoy their days. A tranquil and easygoing way of life is the choice for most, who enjoy lazing by the blue waters and natural park trails. If you prefer to be more active and busy, visiting the attractions throughout the 30A area will keep your days packed with nonstop activity. Generally speaking, mornings and afternoons are a mix of calm and high energy, while evenings are often quiet with the exception of laughter and waves crashing on the beach. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Sweets and warm weather pair perfectly and Pecan Jacks is the perfect place for a pick-me-up. Ice cream, chocolates, toffees, and creative confections are made in-house and served in classic cellophane packaging with adorable ribbon ties. Heartier food can be found at Shunk Gulley Oyster Bar. Quality is key, with a focus on fresh oysters and fish. Served atop wooden tables with cold cocktails and live music, locals keep the staff busy daily. Simpler options that are equal in quality and allure are also in the area l, like Pizza by the Sea. You’ll find families and children of all ages enjoying their pies with smiles and content taste buds. 
The area is known for being home to many creatives. Talented artisans take up shop at Gulf Place. Perfect for light shopping, errands, and even buying pet supplies, convenience is never too far from the warmth of the gulf waters. 

Things to Do

When the weekend hits and free time is in abundance, take part in the esteemed Wine Walk. Handpicked wines from local and smaller, niche brands pair with delectable appetizers at this event geared toward mingling locals and visitors. 
Travel nearby to Grayton Beach State Park to watch wildlife, go hiking, or have a picnic. It’s easy to spend hours on end at the beach, tanning in the sand or boating in the glimmering blue waters. 


The Walton County School District serves Blue Mountain Beach and Gulf Place. Children spend their days learning at top-tier schools such as:


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